Reunion 60


60 Years and we are all still looking good and having a great time together.

Our Friday evening hosts were  David & Charlotte Affonso.

Bob Vogt, Don Germino, Joey Mello

Manuel Cardoza, Bev Mecchi Brown, Ron Atkins

Josie Correllus Bosworth, Margie Chambers Sherman, Pam Wheeler, June Davenport Accardo

To the left are David Affonso & Sandy Pedroza


Doug & June Accardo

Joey Paradiso, Frank Silveria, Ellis Tweten

Joey Paradiso, Frank Silveria, Carolyn Cardoza Stefanich

Bill & Margurite Sue,, Nola Van Sheets Cardoza

Larry Wolfsen, Pam Wheeler, Ron Atkins

Joey, Frank, Stan Wheeler, Ron,, LarryWolfsen

Carolyn Cardoza Stefanich She flew in from Massachusetts.


Ed Mevi, Bev,, Marilyn, Wanda Mays Harris, Carolyn

Dick Wattenbarger, Marilyn, Carolyn, Bev

Saturday Main Event: Jack Wheeler, Josie, Bob Silva and Bill Colbert

A present from the President & Class.

Josie, Charlottre Affonso, Bob Silva, Our Class President.

Forgot his name but he did take such good care of our class!

Josie & Charlotte We got lovely Gifts! Thanks Class of 1957!


Carole, June, Doug, Marilyn, Diane

Girl Talk, Margie, Carolyn, Bev, Marilyn & Wanda

Josie, Stephanie Greta,  Andy

I have their attention...

Margie & more.

Dick, Sandy and more.

Wanda tells her Airline story to Bev, Marilyn, Patricia & Josie

Margie, Ron, Manuel & Nola

Chow time for our hungry bunch!

Toni, Bill & carin, Mary Ann & Joey, Charlotte & Charlotte!

Margie, Wanda, Ron, Manuel & Nola, Sandy

Our own sweet "Tigerette Photographer"  Thank You Stephanie!

Josie's daughter.

Diane & Larry Wolfsen (Santa Cruz)

Stan & Pam Sue & Dick

Arlnd & Floy Pafford

Ron Atkins Manuel & Nola

Mary Cardoza Duarte & Jack Wheeler (Fresno)

Joey Paradiso, Floy & Sandy enjoying conversation.

Bev is thinking with Marilyn, Carolyn & Mary Ann

Late arrivals Manuel & Debbie Manzanedo

Your Class Reunion planner enjoying the gathering. (Josie)

Josie & David, Ed Mevi

Pam Wheeler

Bob & LaVonne Vogt (North Carolina)

A happy Mary!

The Lady In red, Mary!

Doug Accardo (Class of 1955)

San Franciso Couple Patricia & Ed Mevi.

Still posing!

"The Mad Hatters"...Charlotte & David Affonso

Lots of visiting going on in every corner.

Stan, Greta, Frank, Andy

Mary Ann & Joey, David

Bill & Carin, Mary Ann

Background Nola,  Bill Sue & Manuel Cardoza (Class of 1955)

Adorable Hat ladies, Carolyn, Marilyn, Greta, Wanda & Bev

Andy & Greta Brescione (Fresno)

Mary Ann & Joey (Los Banos)

Sue & Dick Wattenbarger (Sonora)

Sandra Wheeler LaVonne Vogt & Pam Wheeler

LaVonne...Check with Victoria Secret...They can get you the correct size!

Stan & Charlotte sharing a laugh but it is a secret!

Note to Charlotte: One more and you can do Early Madonna impression.

The Cute Newlyweds Sandra & Jack Wheeler

Always cute & fun Margurite & Bill Sue (San Jose)

The blond gals Carolyn & Margie (Margie from Lodi)

Wanda Mays Harris & Ronnie Atkins (Ron from Ridgecrest)

Bill Scarpete (Cotati)  Nola & Manuel

Another fun couple Bill & Carin

Having fun with Joey & Charlotte Mello (Los Banos)

Mary Ann & Joey

June (Davenport) Doug Accardo (Dos Palos)

Joey & Charlottre Mello,  David Affonso

Mary Ann & Joey Paradiso

Bev Mecchi Brown and Toni Nelson, (Malcom's widow)  Bill Scarpete

Margie, Wanda, Ron, Manuel & Nola

David Duarte (Mary's son) Mary Cardoza Duarte

Josie in back.

Sue & Dick Wattenbarger & Frank Silveria

Charlotte Affonso, Bob Silva & Carole Brown Santos

Diane (Meyer) Wolfsen and husband Larry, Bill Colbert

Marilyn & Carolyn

Marilyn, Carolyn & Diane

June & Doug

Frank, Bob & LaVonne Vogt, Margurite & Bill Sue, Charlotte Affonso

Sandra & Jack Wheeler, Stan & Pam Wheeler Sue & Dick Wattenbarger

Ron Atkins & Manuel Cardoza

Manuel & Nola  David & Mary (Cardoza) Duarte

Arland & Floy,  Margie, Wanda

Joey Paradiso, Joey & Charlotte David, Carin Scarpete

Joey Mello, Bev, Toni, Bill & Carin, Mary Ann & Joey

Patricia & Ed Mevi

Greta (Iacopi) & Andy Brescione

Bill & Carin Scarpete & Mary Ann

Pat & Ed Mevi (back) Carin, Mary Ann & Joey

Patricia Mevi, Bob Vogt & Ron Atkins

Arland, Floy & Margie

Mary Cardoza Duarte

Josie, Greta & Andy

Charlotte Mello, David & Charlottre Affonso

Diane (Meyer) & Larry Wolfsen

Carole Brown Santos & June Davenport Accardo

Carole (Modesto) June (Dos Palos)


Sandra Wheeler, Stan Wheeler

The Newlyweds, Sandra & Jack Wheeler

Stan & Pam Wheeler, Sue & Dick Wattenbarger

Stan, Dick, Frank Silvera,  LaVonne Vogt

Bill & Margarete Sue

Ron Atkins, Manuel & Nola (Van Sheets) Cardoza, Sandy Pedroza

Arlan & Floy (Wiley) Pafford, Margie Chambers Sherman

Ed Mevi, Bob Silva, Bill Colbert, (Bill flew in from Texas) Ron Atkins


Bev Mecchi Brown, Marilyn Murtos, Carolyn Cardoza Stefanich

Joey & Charlotte Mello, Wanda Mays Harris

Wanda flew in from Texas

Sharing the love!


Sunday with 17 still having fun!

Menu time!

Still trying to decide what to eat from M  & M .

Joey, Bev, Josie, David

The Affonsos

Manuel, Frank, Patricia, LaVonne