Reunion 62


                                CLASS OF 1957 - 62nd CLASS REUNION Manuel & Nola Cardoza Mary Ann & Joey Paradiso.                                                                       Bill & Carin Scarpete                                                    Joey Mello (David Affonso, Ed Mevi, Carolyn Cardoza Stefanich, Frank Silveria, Stan Wheeler)Wanda Mays Harris & her cousin Floy Wiley Pafford.                                              A happy Jack Wheeler.                            The sister-in-laws. Pam & Sandra Wheeler.Manuel & Nola Van Sheets Cardoza.                                        Joey MelloMarilyn Murtos, David Affonso & Josie Correllus Bosworth                                Ed Mevi, Ron Atkins & Stan WheelerFrank Silveria joins Ed, Ron & Stan.Mary Ann & Joey Paradiso enjoying a chat with Carin & Bill Scarpete.Margie Chambers Sherman up front....Toni Nelson, Charlotte Mello Josie Correllus Bosworth in background.Toni Nelson, Charlotte Mello David AffonsoDoug Accardo & June Davenport Accardo.Josie chatting with Bob VogtJosie, Bob & Beverly Mecchi Brown (Fond embrace time.)                                   Bob starts a most Bald Headed Contest! Votes are in...

Jack Wheeler is the winner!                      Bill, Josie & Carin.  Carin designed and created the special apron.  Bill claims he would have helped but could not thread the needle.Beverly does a special reading for her classmates.Back row: Bob Vogt, Ron Atkins, Bill Scarpete, David Affonso, Frank Silveria, Joey Paradiso, Wanda Mays Harris, Floy Wiley Pafford, June Davenport Accardo, Margie Chambers Sherman, Joey Mello, Marilyn Murtos, Carolyn Cardoza Stefanich. Seated: Ed Mevi, Bill Sue, Josie Correllus Bosworth, Nola Van Sheets Cardoza, Stan Wheeler, Bev Mecchi Brown, Jack wheeler.          The Very Important Spouses: Sandra Wheeler, Charlotte Mello, Manuel Cardoza, Carin Scarpete, Mary Ann Paradiso, Toni Nelson, Doug Accardo. Seated:Pam Wheelerm Margurite Sue, & Arland Pafford.       If you like our class site.  We will take the credit! Stan $ pays the bill, Josie gives you the info & Jack is the "Brain" behind the whole operation. I called them my "Heroes" because I love our site and we are a good team. Our Los Banos Tiger has a date! Way to go Margie!Our L.B. Tiger picked up two more beauties. Carolyn & Wanda.Sunday Brunch: Marilyn, Bev, Mary Ann, Joey, Wanda.Marilyn, Bev,Mary Ann, Joey, Wanda.Josie, Margie, Ron, Joey, Ed & Pat Mevi .Frank & MarilynDavid & Frank

All voted to do it again next year! See you all at Reunion #63!