Reunion 61

    Class of 1957 - 61 Class Reunion 




Breakfast on Sunday


Sunday Morning! Bev, David, Charlotte Josie & Frank. Good friends and good sharing for us all.  Thanks to Stephanie for taking our photo.


Here we are...TOGETHER AGAIN...sharing the love!



Hail, Hail The gangs all here.  We love the spouses why not a real group shot?




OK...just the spouses because they are special.

Arland Pafford, Doug Accardo, Pam Wheeler, Charlotte Affonso, Mary Ann Paradiso, Carin Scarpete, Manuel Cardoza, Margurite Sue, Larry Wolfsen.



Charlotte just chatting.



Always with the wonderful smiles...Pam & Stan Wheeler.



Joey Mello & Carlyn Cardoza Stefanich talking about old times.



Bill Scarpete has discovered the photo props.




Los Banos Trio of Friends

Mary Ann, Josie & Joey


Bill is trying this stuff on for size.



Bill is still working on his image.



Joey Mello posing for our camera girl.



Manuel & Nola ( Van Sheets) Cardoza sharing a thought.



Stan & Margie Chambers Sherman catching up on times gone by.



Bev and Carin Scarpete having some girl talk.



Carole "Willie" Brown Santos in a pensive moment with

Senior Class president Bob Silva.



Joey, Bill, front is Bob Vogt and Frank Silveria,  .Talking about Guy Stuff.



Ahhhhh isn't that a precious moment for these classmates?

Sandy Pedroza & Donna Cantrell Souza.



Sandy again.



Well June Davenport Accardo has found a very fetching outfit from the prop department.



Pam and Stan see something interesting over there...



OK Bill & Carin are looking good in the dress up department!



Another Look...Decisions Decisions.



Bill is still looking for the right look.



My favorite photo here! These three flew in from Texas, North Carolina & Massachusetts. Wanda Mays Harris, Bob Vogt, Carolyn Cardoza Stefanich.



Catching up on some girl talk with Josie, Wanda and Diane.  Memories!




Her is a fun pose...Wanda & Floy Wiley Pafford. Aren't they cute?



Wanda in her solo shot.



.Fellows are in a deep discussion...Joey Mello & Bob Silva.



Bob has located a couple of blonds and is enjoying or dozing off.   Not sure!

  Margie & Pam



Bill & Carin smiling for the camera!



Nola & Manuel looking good!




Diane Meyer Wolfsen and Hubby Larry Wolfsen sharing some nice smiles.


Bill & Margurite Sue also lookin good!



The Accardos...June & Doug Time to eat! June eats like a bird

but Doug takes up the slack.



The College "Roomies" together again ..minus one..Missed you Marilyn Murtos!

Carolyn & Bev



More great smiles from David Affonso and his main squeeze Charlotte!



The Handsome Gentlemen's Table. Joey, Bob, Frank & Sandy. Stephanie & Josie joined them for lunch at that table.



Posing Paradisos...Mary Ann & Joey




Bill, Carin, Nola & Manuel


The ladies are dining...Carole & Donna



The fun ladies...without the props...Floy & Wanda.



Margurite Sue catching a quick nap?




Meeting and greeting, Charlotte, June, Doug, Bill & David!


Bev, Josie Mary Ann & Joey catching up.




Bill & Manuel


Bob & Joey telling tall doubt!



Bill & Carolyn chatting.



Have no clue what Charlotte and June are doing and neither does Doug.




Pam, Stan David & Margie in a fun meeting of the minds.


Bet Nola & Carole are sharing a good story.



Mary Ann, Joey & Carin checking out the crowd.



Floy is telling Josie something very interesting!


Pam found a prop and she has been FRAMED!
Pam is a sweet lady..I happen to know she is innocent!


Wanda, Sandy & Arland Saying see you all next year for Reunion #62!