EL Pacheco 54-57







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  EL PACHECO 1957-1954



These three pages were taken from a book printed to cover 100 Years

Los Banos High School 1897 - 1997 - Making our class the 60th Year



The following pictures are just a few taken from our year books before I ran across the site that had the complete annual.


These pictures have names attached to them.

El Pacheco from 1957 - 1954


El Pacheco 1957



  Dedication 1957: Mr. Lewis Hillman



Student Body Officers

Don Germino President - Beverly Mecchi Vice President

Edward Mevi Secretary

                      Randall Torre Tiger Rag Editor    Floy Wiley El Pacheco Editor

Tiger Rag Staff 

El Pacheco Staff


Levada Martin President F.H.A.


F.H.A. Members


F. F. A  Members


Carolyn Cardoza President G. A. A.


Mask & Cloak Members


 C. S. F. Fall Semester

C.S.F. Spring Semester


 Student Court

Spring Semester


Student Court

Fall Semester


Lettermen's Society Fall & Spring Semester Officers


 Fall Lettermen's Society




Class of 57



Band Officers

Josie Correllus Manager

For those of you who remember Judy who was not in our class...I learned recently that she died of a brain tumor. I am the only living one here. (Counting my blessings!)

Judy Foster and Cruzie Manzanedo Librarians


Girls' Chorus


We are survivors



Outstanding Scholastic Achievement - Bank of America Award

Levada Martin - Vocational Arts  

Diane Meyer - Mathematics and Science

Shirley Norwood - Liberal Arts

Pep Club

John Nunes

Rally Committee

Shirley Norwood - Dick Wattenbarger


Seniors: Our Heroes!

 Back Row: 

Bob Silva (Plaid Shirt) Don Germino (51), Ellis Tweten (27)

Second Row:

     Jack Wheeler (23) Bob Vogt (24) Frank Silveria (41)

David Affonso (32)  Bill Colbert (20)

Front Row:

Bill Martin (48), Lloyd Brinlee (28), John Nunes (30), Don Baker (42)

This reminds me of a song we sang on the bus to ballgames: "You gotta be a football hero to get along with the beautiful girls.  You gotta be a touchdown getter, you bet, if you want to get a baby to pet." Hope I got it right!  Josie


Senior Football Players  




Varsity Basketball Team League Champs


Girls Tennis Team

Beverley Mecchi - Levada Silva

Boys Tennis Team

Jack Orr - Randall Torre - Bob Vogt - Don Germino


Varsity Track Team

Jack Wheeler - Frank Silveria - Bill Martin - Bob Silva


Baseball Team

David Affonso - Bob Kindred - Don Colbert - Dick Wilson



Cheer Leaders

Beverly Mecchi, Head Pomnerette.



 Class of 1957 Graduation Program

Commencement Class of 1957


Commencement Class of 1957 - Program



Commencement Class of 1957 - Class Roll



Commencement Class of 1957

California Scholarship Federation Seal Bearers



El Pacheco 1956

 Class of 1957 Photos

Class of 57 in 56

Dedication 1956: Bob Williams


Class of 1957 Pictures in 1956 Annual





Our two Juniors selected to attend the yearly student government Civics class in Sacramento 

Beverly Mecchi Girl's State  -  Bob Silva Boy's State




Tiger Rag Staff

Randall Torre - Beverly Mecchi - Diane Meyer - Flow Wiley - Bill Sue - Jack Wheeler


C.S.F Fall Semester


C.S.F Spring Semester


Bob Silva Drum Major

Majorettes - #1 left, Rita Vannest #2 Left Levada Martin


Greta Iacopi Head Cheer Leader


F.F.A.  Left: John Nunes



Varsity Football Team


Junior Varsity "B" Football Team



Varsity Basketball Team


Junior Varsity "B" Basketball Team


"C" and "D" Basketball Teams


Baseball Team


Track and Field Members


Girls Tennis Team 


Boys Tennis Team 



El Pacheco 1955

Class of 1957 Photos


Dedication 1955: John Cinek




Sophomore Class Officers


Executive Board

Jack Wheeler - Beverly Mecchi

Center Keith Wheeler - Jack's brother



Tiger Rag Staff


C.S.F. Spring Semester

Bob Silva - Diane Meyer - Don Germino




Mask and Cloak


F.F.A. Members

Tim Figuhr-Ernie Silva-John Nunes-Jack Spankowski 


F.H.A. Members


GAA Activity - What is this pictures about?

(Girl's Athletic Association) Winter Ball King. Our Candidate: Ernie Silva, bottom right. Bev Mecchi next to him.



1st left Diane Meyer - Bev Mecchi 5th left




 Levada Martin (2nd from left)


Band Members


Girls' Chorus

Diane Meyer-Pianist


Mixed Chorus

Floy Wiley-Alice Leonard-Mildred Posey-Barbara Nunes-Bev Mecchi 


Junior Varsity "B" Football Team


Varsity Basketball Team

Sandy Pedroza - Bob Silva


Junior Varsity "B" Team


Baseball Team

Sandy Pedroza - Bob Kindred - David Affonso


Track Team Members


Girls' Tennis Team

Bev Mecchi


Boys' Tennis Team

Bob Vogt - Ron Atkins - Don Germino - Jack Orr    Randell Torre (Not Pictured)


 Lettermen Members



El Pacheco 1954 

Class of 1957 Photos


Dedication 1954: L. J. Spindt


Freshman Class



Student Court

Henry "Pete" Higgins - Barbara Nunes


Executive Board

Bill Sue (Top row 5th from left)


Freshmen Class Officers

Bill Sue - Carolyn Cardoza - Barbara Nunes

Edward Mevi - Sandy Pedroza

 Miriam Healy (Teacher)




Tiger Rag Staff

Diane Meyer - Only Frosh on the staff.



Find someone in our class



Richard Fialho - Tim Figuhr - Jack Spankowski -

 Bill Bettencourt


 G. A. A.

Carolyn Cardoza (3rd from left)


California Scholarship Fedreation

Bob Vogt - Don Germino - Wanda Mays

Betty Beneker - Diane Meyer


Rally Committee

Greta Iacopi (4th from left) "Pete" Higgins(Top 1st right.)


Mask and Cloak

Diane Meyer - Beverly Mecchi - Greta Iacopi



Letterman's Society

Dick Wilson, Stan Wheeler, Lloyd Brinlee, Frank Silveria


Junior Varsity "B" Football Team

Frank Silveria (12), Lloyd Brinlee (6), Bill Martin (90), Bob Kindred (67), Don Germino (10), Joe Palermo (White shirt), Ron Atkins (21),Jack Wheeler (22), Richard Fialho (91), David Affonso (61), Bill Colbert (20), Henry Higgins (14), Stan Wheeler (Manager).


Varsity Basketball Team

Sandy Pedroza (Top row 3rd from left.)



Junior Varsity "B" Basketball Team

Bob Silva, Bob Kindred, John Nunes, Don Germino,, Clark Colbert, #28 Lloyd Brinlee.



Baseball Team



Track Team

Don Germino, Bob Kindred, Ernie Silva, Bob Vogt, Fred Carey, Dick Wattenbargar, Bob Silva, Sandy Pedroza, Jack Wheeler, Manuel Manzanedo.


Boys Tennis Team

Bob Vogt 2nd bottom - 5th bottom Jack Orr - 6th bottom Randall Torre .Top row 5th from left Ron Atkins - 7th Top - Don Germino