Reunion 50 Years

50 Years being Tigers 

1957 - 2007

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50th Class Reunion 

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50 Year Reunion

 Homecoming Parade


 Josie Correllus Bosworth ready to decorate!



Bev Mecchi Brown, Josie Correllus Bosworth, June Davenport

 Accardo, Joey Paradiso and Josie's son Steven who did

the art work.


Looking Good! This is in Joey's very large back yard.



Josie, Bev, June & Joey...getting it together! Float is 30 feet long.



Joey & Bev  Still Rockin & Rollin!



Josie & Joey checking it over!



Ah Yes! Looking so good!



Look at Joey's 1957 Ford Convertable! It is a beauty!



Joey & Josie doing more finishing touches. Check out the tiger and megaphone! Message on lower part of back fender. "1957 Lost In The 50s" We sure are!



Lining up for the parade! Dick Wattenbarger, Margurite Sue, Sue Wattenbarger, Bill Sue, Frank Silveria, Mariann Paradiso, Carolyn Cardoza Stefanich, Josie Correllus Bosworth, Ron & Bev Atkins, Bev Mecchi Brown, Marilyn Murtos, June Davenport Accardo.



More people arrive...Jack Wheeler, Doug Accardo, Joey Mello, David Affonso, Bob Vogt. The excitement builds.  (We are in the parking lot of the May Day Fairgrounds.) (Bob & Lavonne Vogt came all the way from Alaska!)



Ready to make the turn! See the bank building? That is where the old Sno White Drive In was.


Our Driver, Joey Paradiso and his beautiful 57 Ford!


Bev Mecchi Brown on keyboard playing our song!


Singing our hearts out: Carolyn Cardoza Stefanich, Marilyn  Murtos, Bob Vogt, Frank Silveria, David Affonso, Ellis Tweten, Bill Sue, Ron Atkins, Bill Scarpete, Malcom Nelson, June Davenport Accardo, Josie Correllus Bosworth, Bev Mecchi Brown.


Still singing....having a ball!



Sorry about the face! Josie and Joey Mello.


Malcom Nelson, Back ground: Jack Wheeler & Don Germino.


Bill Sue, Ron Atkins & Bill Scarpete.


David Affonso Blowing soap bubbles!  Ellis Tweten, Bill Sue. 


Carolyn Cardoza Stefanich & Marilyn Murtos. Jack Wheeler's Letterman Sweater. Did you all get the Rock and Roll part?  Wheel Chair, Rocking chair.



Got our signs and waiting to show off!


Pulling out for our bows and cheers from both sides of the field!


Approaching our home bleachers to wild cheering! Wish you all could have been on that float with us! It was quite an experience!




Waving frantically back to our adoring fans!


Look at all the returning heroes!


They love us! We love them! (Little boy's face on the left..Josie's grandson A.J.)


50 Years later and we really are still Rockin & Rollin!


Front row: Bev Mecchi Brown, Carin & Bill Scarpete, Second row: Carolyn Cardoza Stefanich, Marilyn Murtos, Ron & Bev Atkins, Frank Silveria. Third row" Malcom & Toni Nelson, Sue & Dick Wattenbarger. Fourth row: Meade & Josie Correllus Bosworth, Ellis Tweten, Stan Wheeler, David Affonso. Fifth row:Lavonne & Bob Vogt, Doug & June Davenport Accardo, Don & Bernadette Germino,Bill & Margurite Sue.


50 Year Reunion

Saturday Evening Dinner



The Class of 1955 "Volunteers" Meade Bosworth & Doug Accardo.  Thanks guys!


Carolyn Cardoza Stefanich, Marilyn Murtos and A.J. Tramonte. Lending a hand.


Still working!


Doug is really getting into it now!


Marilyn & A.J. Place your finger there!


June Davenport Accardo & Josie Correllus Bosworth decorating.


The crew: Stephanie Bosworth Tramonte, A.J. Tramonte, Carolyn Cardoza Stefanich, Lavonne Vogt, Sue Wattenbarger, Doug Accardo folding napkins.


June laying out the silverware just so!


A. J. Tramonte, Lavonne & Sue still folding.


Bev Mecchi Brown, Josie & Stephanie putting centerpieces together.


It is coming together. Thanks to a great crew of helpers!


Class Picture 50 Great Years

Front Row: Ron Atkins, Diane Meyer Wolfsen, Josie Correllus Bosworth, Ed Mevi, Bill Sue, Don Grassini. Second Row: Wanda Mays Harris, Floy Wiley Pafford, Bill Scarpete, Nola Van Sheets Cardoza, Donna Cantrell Souza, June Davenport Accardo, Carole Brown Santos, Mary Cardoza Duarte, Bill Colbert. Third Row; Jack Spankowski, Bob Vogt, Malcom Nelson, Fred Carey, Carolyn Cardoza Stefanich, Jack Wheeler, Frank Silveria, Don Germino, Bob Silva. Top Row: Stan Wheeler, Bev Mecchi Brown, Joey Paradiso, Marilyn Murtos, Joey Mello, Joe Forte, David Affonso, Barbara Nunes Silveria, Dick Wattenbarger, Ellis Tweten.


 Class Picture 50 Great Years

Okay second photo but people have changed positions just to confuse you.  Back Row: Stan Wheeler, Bev Mecchi Brown, Joey Paradiso, Marilyn Murtos, Joey Mello, Joe Forte, David Affonso, Barbara Nunes Silveria, Dick Wattenbarger. Second row from top: Jack Spankowski, Fred Carey, Malcom Nelson, Jack Wheeler, Bob Vogt, Carolyn Cardoza Stefanich, Ellis Tweten, Don Germino, Bob Silva, Bill Colbert. Next Row: Wanda Mays Harris, Floy Wiley Pafford, Mary Cardoza Duarte, Bill Scarpete, Diane Meyer Wolfsen, Nola Van Sheets Cardoza, Donna Cantrell Souza, Carole Brown Santos, June Davenport Accardo.Front Row: Ron Atkins, Frank Silveria, Ed Mevi, Josie Correllus Bosworth, Bill Sue, Don Grassini.


City Councilman, Mike Villalta, delivers our Class of 1957 Day Proclaimation


The "Gift of Gab" from our Senior Class Rep. Bob Vogt.




Bob Vogt presents Josie with beautiful gold pan trophy.



Did not photograph properly....all gold and red.



 The very special inscription! It has been my pleasure!


Front Table: Ida Spankowski, Larry Wolfsen, Jack Spankowski, Diane Meyer Wolfsen.


Don Grassini, Janet & Fred Carey


Barbara Nunes Silvera & Frank Silveria.


Wanda Mays Harris enjoying festivities.


Nola Van Sheets Cardoza & Manuel Cardoza.


June Davenport Accardo & "Hubby" Doug. So where's the food?


The Fotes, Joe & Virginia, Wake up Joe!


The Spankowskis, Ida & Jack, That was a good one!


Carolyn Cardoza Stefanich & Marilyn Murtos checking everyone out.


Lavonne Vogt, Sue Wattenbarger, Charlotte & David Affonso, Barbara  Nunes Silveria.


Malcom Nelson, Bev Atkins, Toni Nelson and Joe Forte share a laugh.


Mary Cardoza Duarte and son David....just a blur...sorrry!


Bev Mecchi Brown Joey Mello. Bev sings our song!


Meade Bosworth, Doug Accardo, Joey & Mariann Paradiso, Stan Wheeler, Margurite Sue, Bill Sue.


Jack & Edie Wheeler, Carole Brown Santos June Davenport Accardo, Meade Bosworth.


Donna Cantrell Souza, Joey & Mariann Paradiso, Stan Wheeler


Josie Correllus Bosworth & Meade Bosworth (I never did eat that food!) Too excited!


The Accardos & Paradisos enjoy steak and fish dinners.


Josie & Meade Bosworth, My plate is still full! They tell me it was delicious.


The Atkins, Ron & Bev. Dig In!


The Nelsons, Toni & Malcom, Delicious!


Mary Cardoza Duarte & son David from Fresno.


The Affonsos, David & Charlotte. Can we talk?


Dick Wattenbarger with lovely blond ladies, Lavonne Vogt & Sue Wattenbarger.


The Spankowskis, Ida & Jack digging in.


The Fortes, Joe & Virginia. This is good!


Diane Meyer Wolfsen & "Hubby" Larry. Larry is such a good sport that he sang our Los Banos High song with us. He is a Dos Palos native!


Marilyn Murtos, Bev Mecchi Brown & Don Germino. Pass the salt?



Carolyn Cardoza autographs please.


Bernadette Germino enjoying the evening, lovely as usual.

 Bernadette Passed away in March 2010

Carole Brown Santos & Donna Cantrell Souza enjoying dinner.


The Sues, Margurite & Bill from San Jose.


Edie & Jack Wheeler from Clovis for the occasion.


The Happy Couple, Stan & Pam Wheeler from Livermore.


The Scarpetes, Bill & Carin, from Cotati.


Arland & Floy Wiley Pafford from Oakdale. Nice to see Floy again!


Janet & Fred Carey from Washington state!


Bob Vogt, Jack Wheeler, Carolyn Cardoza Stefanich & Marilyn Murtos. Okay Ladies are you ready?


Carolyn & Marilyn recreate some news items from an old school newspaper. The Tiger Rag. Jack Wheeler enjoying it.


 Charlotte & David Affonso, Barbara Nunes Silveria & Frank, Don Grassini & Wanda Mays Harris.


Manuel Cardoza, Ed Mevi, Nola Van Sheets Cardoza, Lavonne Vogt, Sue Wattenbarger, Charlotte & David Affonso.


Jack Spankowski pauses for a refreshment.


Bev Meccchi Brown, Don & Bernadette Germino share a laugh.


Bernadette Passed away in March 2010


Ladies & Gentlemen, let's hear it for  Marilyn!


Ellis Tweten from San Jose gives a from the heart talk about his school and classmates.


Marilyn is getting into it now!


Here we are, the MCs Bob & Josie...Meade Bosworth looks on.


Bob & Josie singing our song.   Los Banos High, Los Banos High...

Good thing there is no sound here! Music is not my strong talent!


Bob thanks the Man behind the Women for his support. Meade is a Prince to put up with one whole year of planning that goes on before the reunion takes place.


Here we are still with the speeches!


Arland & Floy Wiley Pafford enjoy a laugh.



A very touching moment for me when Bob presents the beautiful Gold Pan thanks from the class. I treasure it! It has a special place in my home.



Stan Wheeler & Bev Atkins share a story. At one time the Wheelers & Atkins  families lived in Livermore at the same time. Bettie Beneker Hinde also lived there.


Joey & Mariann Paradiso & June Davenport Accardo in a quiet moment.


We are here, Class of 1955 Los Banos High..."What can I say?"


Carin Scarpete & Margurite Sue enjoying the moment.


 Marilyn & Carolyn checking out the Door Prize....100 year anniversary of Los Banos Blanket.


Don & Bernadette Germino in a pensive moment.

Bernadette Passed away in March 2010

No! You don't say! Charlotte & Joey Mello.


"Girl Talk" with Janet Carey & Barbara Nunes Silveria, Bill Scarpete wants no part of it!


Wanda, Josie, Manuel & Nola in a big discussion! Bill & Peggy Colbert in the background.


Here is a happy group! Dick Wattenbarger, Frank Silveria, Virginia & Joe Forte, Don Grassini.


Some serious "Man Talk" with Don Grassini, Ed Mevi & Fred Carey.


Family Portrait: Stephanie Bosworth Tramonte, Josie, Steve Bosworth & Meade Bosworth. They all helped me do this reunion. Proud Mom?  You Bet!


Donna Cantrell Souza & June Davenport Accardo talking about old times.


 The Mevis, Pat & Ed  came from San Francisco for the reunion.


Pat Mevi leads an animated discussion with Ellis Tweten & Hubby Ed.


Who knows what I was saying?  So excited!


Dick, Frank & Fred deep into something interesting.


A meeting of the BAR!  Ed Mevi & Don Germino are the attorneys of the class of 1957.


Looks like Bev is getting ready for some music.


Lavonne Vogt, Dick Wattenbarger, Charlotte & David Affonso, Frank Silveria, Fred Carey & Stan Wheeler


Penny for your thoughts Barbara.


Up close and personal with Larry & Diane Meyer Wolfsen


Way to go BEV! You rock girl!


Seriously folks....Joe Forte.


Hummmmm, Jack will have to think that one over.


Janet & Fred Carey chat with Barabara Nunes Silveria.


Bob Vogt takes a moment to rest.



Fred, Janet & Barbara still hanging out!


Bill Sue does some heavy reading.  It is our class booklet.


Hey Guys, what's up? Fred, Don & Ed...Bev Atkins.


Say Cheese! Fred & Janet Carey!


Don, Fred & Janet still chatting.


Okay don't start without Pat...she is back!



50th Reunion Sunday Brunch

The spread at Olinda's Restauraunt.


Almost ready!


The morning after crowd.


Coffee time!


Juice anyone?


Not everyone has arrived yet..late sleepers!


Now the place is filling!


The Brunch Bunch!


Sunday morning gab session.


Good Morning Sunshine!



Look at the Birdie!

The end of a grand three day reunion! See you all next year!